"Failure is an opportunity to begin again... but this time by being a little wiser."

Our vision is to help people learn a new way of living


[L]ocated in Orange County, CA, as an independent non-profit organization, All’s Well Home was founded as a community support group and is dedicated to serving the specific recovery needs of adults suffering from the effects of substance abuse and addiction, behavioral addiction, and women as well as men who have become victims of domestic violence and abuse. Our mission is “Rebuilding & Reclaiming Lives.”

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Reclaiming Lives

[A]LL’S WELL HOME is a non-profit organization offering a full recovery program in a non co-ed live-in environment for men and women ages 18 and over who are or who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol, who are victims of domestic violence or abuse, or who are dealing with behavioral issues.

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Our Success Rate

[I]nformation available from case follow-ups and individual contacts over a 5-year period shows that approximately 84% of all graduates of the All’s Well Home program, including those who substantially completed the program prior to leaving, have successfully reintegrated into society as active, productive individuals. Our successful graduates have continued to maintain their sobriety and abstinence from substance use for at least 2-years.

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Our Stories

Sondra’s Testimony

You all believed in me when nobody else would. I know I was a challenge (to say the least!) and very difficult when I was in the program. But it was because of your love for me and your constant......

A Helping Hand

The story of All´s Well Home is really the story of one person, Betsy Mata. Betsy is from a family of strong women and was raised by a stern father who she describes as being somewhat rigid and demanding in enforcing his brand of religious passion.

Belinda’s Story

Before I arrived I had been through 6 different programs, but I failed every time because the programs did not work (for me). Every time I left I drank even though I really didn´t want to. It was as if I had a hole in my soul I was not able to fill."

Brenda’s Story

By age 13, I was stealing my booze and had already transformed from beer to liquor. I had gone from simply wanting a drink to needing to drink all day every day. So, my high school years were one big blur. They were filled with alcohol and the drugs I added to the mix.

Sheri’s Story

I was 49 years old when I entered the program - a prescription pill addict to the core. I used pills to escape reality because I grew up in a very violent home which was truly a war zone. My stepfather was the type of gun collector who kept loaded guns around the house and with him at all times.

Anthony’s Story

I don´t know how typical this is, but when I arrived at All´s Well Home some of my first impressions were really negative: Wow! You mean I´m going to have to try and live by a code of conduct that strict? Wow!

Clare’s Story

As I grew up I was aware that I had no memories of my past and at some point I came to realize that was because my childhood was so horrific. I had no memories at all before the age of 13.