Anthony’s Story

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Behavioral Addictions, Testimonials

Anthony’s Story

[I] don´t know how typical this is, but when I arrived at All´s Well Home some of my first impressions were really negative: Wow! You mean I´m going to have to try and live by a code of conduct that strict? Wow! You mean I´m going to be living in a house with how many other men? Unbelievable! I don´t want to live by any rules and I can´t believe that you really expect me to live by rules that strict? At the time and in my condition some of the rules seemed to me to defy logic – well, truthfully, they only defied my logic.

Moving into the program cost me. It cost me my job (but, truthfully, that happened because I hadn´t told my employer about my past). It cost me my place where I was living alone – I really wasn´t a loner, but I was an isolationist. It cost me to have to give up a lot of old acquaintances – which, as it turns out was one among a bunch of other things that I needed to get rid of and out of my life anyway, and I did not have any real friends – people who have your best interest in their hearts.

In looking back at it now, I realize that I´ve answered my own question. Yes, a person can change their entire life – I have. I´ve learned that the few things that I had thought were so important but lost can easily be replaced. I´ve already replaced a lot of those casual acquaintances with real friends. Where I was once very isolated now I am very involved. I´m involved in the successes, the failures, the heartbreaks, and the struggles of my new family – the other men and women, my brothers and sisters, who are working this program along with me.

The leadership and staff of All´s Well Home are continuously giving me opportunities to use the skills that I´ve been blessed with along with opportunities to develop new skills. I can honestly say that one of the things that has helped me most is learning how to be a friend – not a con man and user. So, today I look forward to every chance that I have to help others, and I look forward to strengthening the bonds of real friendship with my brothers – to share their vulnerabilities and to be intimately honest with them as we all grow and overcome.

Yes, I have changed. Now I´m looking forward to every new day and to meeting and overcoming the challenges that life holds for me down the road.

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