Brenda’s Story

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Brenda’s Story

[B]y age 13, I was stealing my booze and had already transformed from beer to liquor. I had gone from simply wanting a drink to needing to drink all day every day. So, my high school years were one big blur. They were filled with alcohol and the drugs I added to the mix. I really didn´t know what was happening or why. I never really stopped to think about it and never really cared, but by the time I reached 18 I realized I was no longer in control. Alcohol was king, and King Alcohol had me firmly in its grip.

Soon after that I became hooked on crack along with alcohol, but it was crack that took me places that I thought I´d never go. I started prostituting to feed my need for cocaine. I stopped caring about myself at all and would even go weeks without bathing. In the end I dove in headfirst into a life filled with darkness and became homeless for 8 years.

My lifestyle changed when I went my first recovery house. I was looking help, but instead of getting help I was introduced to the lesbian life. I practiced this lifestyle until I finally came to All´s Well Home. When I first arrived, I acted like many other addicts and fought everything including the very idea of change. After a while though, as the edge, the effects of the drugs and alcohol, began to wear off I began to settle down. As that happened, my whole life started to change. It was as if a light bulb had suddenly been turned on. I finally began to get it.

I truly believe that each one of the women in this program, which now includes me, has been divinely picked and plucked out of our despair, and into the answer for all things, Jesus Christ! Today my whole life has changed, and thanks to the loving support and patience of Betsy, the Director, and my spiritual sisters, the women of All´s Well Home´s `Esther House,´ I have been given a new lease on life. I now have a life filled with Jesus and a heart filled with joy. Today I am a totally different woman inside and out and I no longer need to run from life. Thanks to All´s Well Home I am free and have the strength and courage to face whatever challenges that life brings my way.

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