Clare’s Story

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Alcohol, Sexual Abuse, Testimonials

Clare’s Story

[A]s I grew up I was aware that I had no memories of my past and at some point I came to realize that was because my childhood was so horrific. I had no memories at all before the age of 13. On top of that, in order to survive it was necessary for me to forget what had happened the day before, but through therapy, which I began at the age of 35, I did regain some of my memories.

I now know that at the age of 3 months my father started sexually abusing me. He also physically abused me too. The physical & sexual abuse ended at the age of 6, but the emotional abuse didn´t. The emotional abuse didn´t end until I left my father´s house.

All in all I abused alcohol most of my adult life & meth on and off for 15 years, and by the time I came to the Esther house, I had lost my home, job and was homeless. I was ready for a change – any change!

I was not sure what the Esther house was all about, but I found out soon that it was about loving and helping people – showing and teaching me a new way of life and really how to live. I instantly felt at home at the Esther house, which is something that I almost never felt anywhere – especially at that time in my life.

When I thought I was ready to move out and stay sober I tried it. I lived on my own for 2 months and was able to stay away from the drugs, but I wasn´t strong enough to stay away from the alcohol. At that point I became homeless, but because I was not able to cope with being homeless I became suicidal. I got the medical help that I needed and moved back to the Esther house in order to continue growing stronger in handing life and to complete the program. I greatly appreciate the Director´s attitude about not giving up on people, which turned out to be a big thing for me because I was allowed to return and continue participating in the program.

Today I am a program graduate and since leaving Esther House I have been living on my own. I´m working, staying sober, and continuing to keep my life on track, but without the All´s Well Home program and the support that I received at Esther House none of that would be possible. I am very grateful for all of the help and guidance that I received and highly recommend the All´s Well Home program to anyone.

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