Sheri’s Story

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Sheri’s Story

[I] was 49 years old when I entered the program – a prescription pill addict to the core. I used pills to escape reality because I grew up in a very violent home which was truly a war zone. My stepfather was the type of gun collector who kept loaded guns around the house and with him at all times. It was very frightening experience to get up to go to the bathroom at night. My sister, brothers and I all feared being shot.

I was molested by my stepfather and we were beaten almost daily, and what made it worse was the fact that my mother was aware of everything that he was doing to us. She would watch as he would humiliate us by making us pull down our pants and bend us over the bed as he would beat us with a 1×4.

Though I was finally able to escape and ultimately married a wonderful man, I lost my husband in 1998. It was a devastating time for me and my 15 yr. old daughter, and for me it was the last straw. It opened the doorway to my addiction because I found Ativan® and Soma®. At that time it felt like a miracle because the drugs allowed me to escape reality for hours, but drugs have a downside. I overdosed 15 times and was on death´s door many times. Ultimately I lost everything. By the time I entered the All´s Well Home program I felt that I was standing on the bottom rung of the ladder and only hanging on by my fingertips.

When I came into the program I was extremely difficult to deal with but I wanted sobriety more than anything. I found myself in the company of other women who were in my same position, and I was welcomed with open arms and real love. I knew this was where I was supposed to be. For the first time in my life I felt that I was in a place of trust and that I could trust Betsy, the Director, and the women with my deepest darkest secrets

That was the start of my recovery. Betsy nurtured and loved me through my journey and is still there for me today. I was able to walk through the pain and come out the other end in forgiveness. I earned the privilege of becoming an assistant overseer in the program.

Today I am sober today and live a great life, the total package both emotionally and spiritually. I have earned my own self-respect and have reunited with my family, paid off my car, and even have friends and family who love to be around me. Working the program filled the hole in my soul and I am no longer looking for anything to change my reality. This was the solution for me and many others who have graduated the program.

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