A Helping Hand

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A Helping Hand

[T]he story of All´s Well Home is really the story of one person, Betsy Mata. Betsy is from a family of strong women and was raised by a stern father who she describes as being somewhat rigid and demanding in enforcing his brand of religious passion. The clash between the two created a separation between her and her paternal family. That gap became so wide that at the age of 14 she found herself growing up alone on the streets of New York City.

At some point a lady who became a lifelong friend found her and took her in, this in spite of the concerns and objections of the lady´s immediate circle of friends. It was at that point that the seeds of real love were planted in Betsy’s heart.

After she moved to California, Betsy met and later married her husband, José Mata, after both decided to leave their former lives behind them. At some point after that they decided to dedicate their lives to serving Christ and they became Christians. Later, José was ordained as a Pastor and today he is the senior pastor of Holy Ground Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational Christian church located in Buena Park, Ca.

A few years later Betsy was diagnosed with a form of Non-Hodgkin´s Lymphoma cancer. At the time it was discovered the medical examination showed that the disease had already progressed to a stage 4, a condition that is almost always fatal. Today she says that it was during the worst of this time that she really began to feel the presence of the Lord in her life and truly discovered the meaning of love. Even more miraculously, her cancer went into spontaneous remission. She has survived the cancer, but she says that it was because of the direct intervention of God.

Although she has never stated it this way, she describes this as the time in which God called her and laid a burden in her heart to reach out and help other women who were or who are going through the type of things that she had endured during her own struggles on the streets and through a number of failed relationships. Unfortunately the means and opportunity to realize that dream never presented itself until 2006 when, with the help of friends who are involved in the real estate business, she was able to procure a house in Stanton, Ca.

The first house was a wreck, but with the help of her husband and others in the church ministry who shared the dream with Betsy, she managed to turn it into one of the nicer, and certainly one of the cleaner, homes of its type for women who are recovering from various addictions including drugs and alcohol abuse. It is a home dedicated to God, and because of that it is called Esther House. Since then two other houses, Noah House and David House, which are men´s homes have been added to the organization.

It is no stretch of the imagination to say that Betsy is very much like queen Esther, who learned to deal with and overcome the problems and the circumstance that surrounded her. Like Esther, who saved her people, and who through her faith became the queen of one of the greatest nations the world has even known, Betsy has helped the men and women of this program to dedicate themselves to overcoming the problems and circumstances that led to their various addictions and to learning a new way of life.

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