Our Mission

All’s Well Home is all about reclaiming and rebuilding lives shattered by drugs, alcohol or behavioral addictions.

We are dedicated to providing the men and women who participate in the program a reasonable opportunity to successfully achieve their goals by offering them a stable recovery environment.

We provide the necessary support services through a defined program that supports the achievement of sustainable sobriety and successful reintegration into society through the development of personal structure, including personal responsibility and social accountability, and an acceptable level of individual life skills, employment skills, and decision-making abilities.

Our mission is simply

“Reclaiming & Rebuilding Lives”

Through a series of steps you will begin developing awareness and an understanding of your underlying problems. You will not only learn how to recognize the triggers and danger signs, but you will also learn how to develop the personal strength to avoid reaching another point of failure or relapse. Our program offers you the opportunity to learn a new way of life.

In open group discussions and one-on-one instruction you’ll learn the spiritual principles that the 12-steps are based on and you’ll learn proven methods of applying those principles to your day-to-day life.

We’ll give you a secure home with a structured environment where you’ll get a fresh start. From there you can take the next steps in developing structure in your own life, social skills for dealing with others, and discovering a positive outlook.

Our vision is to help people learn a new way of living

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