Our Program

[T]he All’s Well Home program is based on a combination of the Social Model in which you will learn how to be personally and socially accountable while living in a family style environment, and the Therapeutic Community structure, which means you will also participate in a directed program. The program includes several separate components which will help you to redirect your life, and completely change your life.

Guests in the home live as a family that has a defined social structure based upon mutually accountability. This structure requires that each guest develop and live up to an acceptable level of personal and social responsibility.

You will be provided with the tools, the rationale, the reasons, and the necessary know-how to begin making good decisions – to make the wise choices that will help you now and in the future. The program will also help you learn how to avoid placing yourself in, or allowing yourself to be caught in situations that could appeal to your personal weaknesses, or in those that might compromise your integrity.

Finally, this program will help you develop and incorporate a set of internal moral standards. If you want to, you might call those the foundation of a fixed personal code of conduct, a standard of living, that you will use to direct and support the choices you make.

The Social Model component of the program teaches you how to apply those things to daily life, by helping you incorporate responsibility and mutual accountability into your actions. Our program is designed to help you uncover and identify the real problems you’ve been dealing with – or trying to avoid. Let’s face it, most of the time the real issue is that you haven’t really been dealing with those problems or situations – you’ve been running from them trying to escape. It’s time to stop.

Through a series of steps you will begin developing awareness and an understanding of your underlying problems. You will not only learn how to recognize the triggers and danger signs, but you will also learn how to develop the personal strength to avoid reaching another point of failure or relapse. Our program offers you the opportunity to learn a new way of life.

You will personally confront your past and your past behaviors by taking a look at that person in the mirror, and based on the things you see, you will begin creating a personal roadmap to the changes that you need to make. After all, you are the one who dug the hole you probably find yourself in now, and you are the only one who can climb out of it, but at every step of the way we’ll be there to help.

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