Our Success Rate

[I]nformation available from case follow-ups and individual contacts over a 5-year period shows that approximately 84% of all graduates of the All’s Well Home program, including those who substantially completed the program prior to leaving, have successfully reintegrated into society as active, productive individuals. Our successful graduates have continued to maintain their sobriety and abstinence from substance use for at least 2-years.


Our guests live in exceptionally clean, well maintained homes that have a structured, family style environment. We offer a fully equipped learning center where you will work on our 12-Level Self-Development Curriculum along with learning life skills, soft job skills, personal financial management, and social skills. Along with those things, you will begin developing new decision-making and life management skills. All of these tools and skills provide you with the opportunity to rebuild your dreams and completely change your life.

You will learn ways to live a life of sobriety and to trust a power greater than yourself that will help you climb the mountains that you think you see in front of you now. You’ll study and learn the basis of the steps you need to take in order to learn and live sobriety. Most importantly, you will learn how to draw on God’s strength in your daily life.


Adult men and women who are ready to admit that their lives have become unmanageable because they have a problem with drugs or alcohol or anything else in their lives. Any adult who has a genuine desire to stop and the willingness to change their behavior. Men and women who have the courage to step out in life and to succeed.

Today you have the opportunity to begin the most important journey of your life.

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