Our Testimonials

Every person who comes to our program and who goes through our program has a story to tell. Stories of tragedy, of hopelessness, of addiction, but also stories which now are stories of victory, of hope and of freedom.

Brenda’s Story

By age 13, I was stealing my booze and had already transformed from beer to liquor. I had gone from simply wanting a drink to needing to drink all day every day. So, my high school years were one big blur. They were filled with alcohol and the drugs I added to the mix. I really didn´t know what was happening or why. I never really stopped to think about it and never really cared, but by the time I reached 18 I realized I was no longer in control. Alcohol was king, and King Alcohol had me firmly in its grip.

Soon after that I became hooked on crack along with alcohol, but it was crack that took me places that I thought I´d never go. I started prostituting to feed my need for cocaine. I stopped caring about myself at all and would even go weeks without bathing. In the end I dove in headfirst into a life filled with darkness and became homeless for 8 years.

My lifestyle changed when I went my first recovery house. I was looking help, but instead of getting help I was introduced to the lesbian life. I practiced this lifestyle until I finally came to All´s Well Home. When I first arrived, I acted like many other addicts and fought everything including the very idea of change. After a while though, as the edge, the effects of the drugs and alcohol, began to wear off I began to settle down. As that happened, my whole life started to change. It was as if a light bulb had suddenly been turned on. I finally began to get it.

I truly believe that each one of the women in this program, which now includes me, has been divinely picked and plucked out of our despair, and into the answer for all things, Jesus Christ! Today my whole life has changed, and thanks to the loving support and patience of Betsy, the Director, and my spiritual sisters, the women of All´s Well Home´s `Esther House,´ I have been given a new lease on life. I now have a life filled with Jesus and a heart filled with joy. Today I am a totally different woman inside and out and I no longer need to run from life. Thanks to All´s Well Home I am free and have the strength and courage to face whatever challenges that life brings my way.


Sheri’s Story

Sheri-150x150  I was 49 years old when I entered the program – a prescription pill addict to the core. I used pills to escape reality because I grew up in a very violent home which was truly a war zone. My stepfather was the type of gun collector who kept loaded guns around the house and with him at all times. It was very frightening experience to get up to go to the bathroom at night. My sister, brothers and I all feared being shot.

I was molested by my stepfather and we were beaten almost daily, and what made it worse was the fact that my mother was aware of everything that he was doing to us. She would watch as he would humiliate us by making us pull down our pants and bend us over the bed as he would beat us with a 1×4.

Though I was finally able to escape and ultimately married a wonderful man, I lost my husband in 1998. It was a devastating time for me and my 15 yr. old daughter, and for me it was the last straw. It opened the doorway to my addiction because I found Ativan® and Soma®. At that time it felt like a miracle because the drugs allowed me to escape reality for hours, but drugs have a downside. I overdosed 15 times and was on death´s door many times. Ultimately I lost everything. By the time I entered the All´s Well Home program I felt that I was standing on the bottom rung of the ladder and only hanging on by my fingertips.

When I came into the program I was extremely difficult to deal with but I wanted sobriety more than anything. I found myself in the company of other women who were in my same position, and I was welcomed with open arms and real love. I knew this was where I was supposed to be. For the first time in my life I felt that I was in a place of trust and that I could trust Betsy, the Director, and the women with my deepest darkest secrets

That was the start of my recovery. Betsy nurtured and loved me through my journey and is still there for me today. I was able to walk through the pain and come out the other end in forgiveness. I earned the privilege of becoming an assistant overseer in the program.

Today I am sober today and live a great life, the total package both emotionally and spiritually. I have earned my own self-respect and have reunited with my family, paid off my car, and even have friends and family who love to be around me. Working the program filled the hole in my soul and I am no longer looking for anything to change my reality. This was the solution for me and many others who have graduated the program.


Anthony’s Story


I don´t know how typical this is, but when I arrived at All´s Well Home some of my first impressions were really negative: Wow! You mean I´m going to have to try and live by a code of conduct that strict? Wow! You mean I´m going to be living in a house with how many other men? Unbelievable! I don´t want to live by any rules and I can´t believe that you really expect me to live by rules that strict? At the time and in my condition some of the rules seemed to me to defy logic – well, truthfully, they only defied my logic.

Moving into the program cost me. It cost me my job (but, truthfully, that happened because I hadn´t told my employer about my past). It cost me my place where I was living alone – I really wasn´t a loner, but I was an isolationist. It cost me to have to give up a lot of old acquaintances – which, as it turns out was one among a bunch of other things that I needed to get rid of and out of my life anyway, and I did not have any real friends – people who have your best interest in their hearts.

In looking back at it now, I realize that I´ve answered my own question. Yes, a person can change their entire life – I have. I´ve learned that the few things that I had thought were so important but lost can easily be replaced. I´ve already replaced a lot of those casual acquaintances with real friends. Where I was once very isolated now I am very involved. I´m involved in the successes, the failures, the heartbreaks, and the struggles of my new family – the other men and women, my brothers and sisters, who are working this program along with me.

The leadership and staff of All´s Well Home are continuously giving me opportunities to use the skills that I´ve been blessed with along with opportunities to develop new skills. I can honestly say that one of the things that has helped me most is learning how to be a friend – not a con man and user. So, today I look forward to every chance that I have to help others, and I look forward to strengthening the bonds of real friendship with my brothers – to share their vulnerabilities and to be intimately honest with them as we all grow and overcome.

Yes, I have changed. Now I´m looking forward to every new day and to meeting and overcoming the challenges that life holds for me down the road.


Clare’s Story

freedomAs I grew up I was aware that I had no memories of my past and at some point I came to realize that was because my childhood was so horrific. I had no memories at all before the age of 13. On top of that, in order to survive it was necessary for me to forget what had happened the day before, but through therapy, which I began at the age of 35, I did regain some of my memories.

I now know that at the age of 3 months my father started sexually abusing me. He also physically abused me too. The physical & sexual abuse ended at the age of 6, but the emotional abuse didn´t. The emotional abuse didn´t end until I left my father´s house.

All in all I abused alcohol most of my adult life & meth on and off for 15 years, and by the time I came to the Esther house, I had lost my home, job and was homeless. I was ready for a change – any change!

I was not sure what the Esther house was all about, but I found out soon that it was about loving and helping people – showing and teaching me a new way of life and really how to live. I instantly felt at home at the Esther house, which is something that I almost never felt anywhere – especially at that time in my life.

When I thought I was ready to move out and stay sober I tried it. I lived on my own for 2 months and was able to stay away from the drugs, but I wasn´t strong enough to stay away from the alcohol. At that point I became homeless, but because I was not able to cope with being homeless I became suicidal. I got the medical help that I needed and moved back to the Esther house in order to continue growing stronger in handing life and to complete the program. I greatly appreciate the Director´s attitude about not giving up on people, which turned out to be a big thing for me because I was allowed to return and continue participating in the program.

Today I am a program graduate and since leaving Esther House I have been living on my own. I´m working, staying sober, and continuing to keep my life on track, but without the All´s Well Home program and the support that I received at Esther House none of that would be possible. I am very grateful for all of the help and guidance that I received and highly recommend the All´s Well Home program to anyone.


Belinda’s Story

Before I arrived I had been through 6 different programs, but I failed every time because the programs did not work (for me). Every time I left I drank even though I really didn´t want to. It was as if I had a hole in my soul I was not able to fill.

All´s Well Home helped me to rebuild my life from the ground up – very much the same as a person would build a home – from the ground up. I learned … how to deal with the feelings that kept me drinking to dull the pain. I even learned some of the computer skills which have been a major part of my employment success.


Sondra’s Testimony 

 Hi Mom!

I received your message of love yesterday, and I really believe the Lord must have put me on your heart.  I saw your message shortly after I woke up from a dream about you and I feeding the hungry, like we did so many times together at the food-give-away.  I couldn’tbelieve it when you messaged me!  It truly warmed my heart and brought me joy.

Ryan and I are doing very well.  We have faced some challenges this year that have weighed on us emotionally and physically.  However, we have been able to work through them with Jesus’s help.  We are still so very in love and happy together.  I know that you wanted to have a picture of us, so I have attached a few to this message.

My greatest achievement since leaving Esther House has been reconciling with my family.  It’s truly amazing Mom, my mother and I have such a great relationship.  We talk regularly and confide in each other.  It’s a beautiful thing to be able to be blessed through the relationship God has restored.  I graduated community college this past May with my Associate of Applied Science in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinical Counseling.  I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor intern in the state of Texas and I work full time as a counselor for The Cenikor Foundation, one of the best treatment centers in the nation.  I absolutely love what I do and I am so blessed to be able to help others struggling with addiction.  I still attend college at The University of Houston-Clear Lake and I am working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.  If God calls me home to California I would love to work with you at All’s Well Home and continue your great ministry there.  I know you can empathize with the difficulty of working full time and also being a devoted wife.  It is difficult but Christ gives me the strength and will to balance all of the competing expectations placed on me.


I cannot overemphasize that all of this would not be possible for me without you, Pastor Jose, Pastor Martin, and Pastor Sylvia. You all believed in me when nobody else would.  I know I was a challenge (to say the least!) and very difficult when I was in the program.  But it was because of your love for me and your constant teaching of the Gospel that I was able to see God’s love through you.  Accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior gave me life and made a life of abundance possible for me.  I cannot count his blessings and all the great things he has restored in my life!  But as you always reminded me, a walk in faith is not an easy journey.  Because I am PAID IN FULL by Jesus, I am challenged to live a life that glorifies Him!  I remind myself of that every day.

I want to hear about you!  I hope you are healthy and happy, and that the ministry is doing well.  I am also going to attach a letter to this message to the women at Esther house to serve as my testimony.  I hope you can read it to them and that it will hopefully serve as inspiration to them to continue their journey in faith and recovery.

This Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for you.  I miss you terribly.  I wish I could truly express in words how much I love you and how grateful I am that God put you in my life.

Yours very truly,




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